We support you in all your efforts of digitisation, at all levels. In addition to our expertise in managing transformational programs, we bring along a rich digital ecosystem of highly skilled technical partners who will help transform the vision and the strategy into products and solutions. 

Drafting your digital strategy

We closely work with you to define a holistic and tailored digital strategy. Along with a thorough competitive landscape analysis and advanced market studies, we audit your current value chain and all its supporting functions to spot the processes which can benefit the most from digitisation and bring to them significant cost reductions, an increase in efficiency, agility and value creation. Throughout the whole process we will help you define clear and precise KPIs to accurately measure the benefits of your digital transformation and its actual ROI.

Digital strategy training

We offer digital strategy training sessions to provide you with  frameworks, methodologies and tools that will raise awareness to the need of a digital transformation to help you start your own digital transformation journey. We share during these training sessions the experiences and lessons we have learnt and accumulated in our past digital transformation assignments. This way you will be perfectly equipped to avoid the most common pitfalls and overcome the challenges of your digital transformation initiatives.

Program/Project management (PMO)

We accompany you during the actual deployment of the digital strategy by driving on your behalf the different programs and projects necessary for your digital transformation to happen on the ground. This PMO service applies to all the types of projects, technical, managerial, business or organisational. Also, we help you in managing more punctual and focused initiatives such as benchmark-ing, selecting and migrating systems such as ERP, CRM, ECM, IMS, LIMS.

Technological watch

We offer you a continuous technological watch by presenting through seminaries and business presentations, new technologies that can permanently transform and impact your industry and your very specific business. These presentations are based on actual cases of emergent disruptions/disruptors all over the world. The palette of technologies presented range is quite wide, and depending on your own technological maturity,  can go from mobile applications, to wearables, Big Data, VR/AR, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and smart contracts, 3D printing, OCR, robotics, Cloud computing and other innovative technologies.

Change management

We will accompany you in the change management necessary in your digital transformation. Indeed, beyond the technical changes we will help you to set up and deliver the necessary organisational and operational changes necessary to succeed your transformation. Your digital digital transformation will have to include and treat topics such as communication, development of new competencies for your workforce, definition of new human resources policies, development of training materials, deployment of new processes, building of new strategic partnerships and supplier relations, and other change and project management activities.

Data Analytics

We advise you on the management, the organisation, the collection and exploitation of your data by breaking the data silos within your organisation, and enticing data driven and evidence based decision making. The cross validation and advanced analysis of data stemming from different sources and horizons is a trove of business intelligence that can be quickly translated into decisive competitive advantages for your business.

Digital Marketing

We assist you in laying out a sound digital marketing strategy by reviewing your digital presence on social media and other digital media and advise you on the best medium for your digital presence in order to target your potential customers and enlarge your customer base. We also help you in tackling more technical issues related to digital marketing such as SEO, SEA, collection and analysis of marketing data and development of bespoke digital marketing solutions and tools.

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