Surveillance and control systems 

We install your surveillance systems as needed to assist you in your security efforts for your teams and customers alike. Also, during these challenging sanitary circumstances, we equip your business with camera systems that will help you in enforcing the basic sanitary recommendations such as wearing a mask and IR body temperature measurement. These controls will help your business to quickly recover and gives confidence to your customers and teams while socially interacting. We install these systems in the most startegic parts of your business to make sure a smooth and efficient 

Non-contact IR body Temperature Measuring and Unmasked identification Camera System


High precision body temperature

  +/-0,3°C precision within the sampling range 30°C to 45°C, and alarm notification for abnormal values

Automatic detection of unmasked individuals (AI)

Automatic detection of unmasked people thanks to embedded AI software and alarm notification

Detection in motion

Rapid detection and control (<500ms mask presence and <300ms temperature) while subjects are in motion


Interfacing possibilities with access control systems (automatic door openers, gates, etc.)

Handheld portable thermal camera (CE)

Affiche LS-TI001K avec connectivité sur moniteurs externes
LS-TI001K sous tous ses profils

High body temperature sampling

+/- 0,5 °C precision on the range 30°C and 45°C and alarm notification for abnormal values

 Temperature sampling in motion

Rapid detction and temperature control (<500ms) of individuals in motion

Mobile or Stated

Handheld and mobile device. Can also be fixed to a support for a continuous sampling without external intervention.

Broadcasting on an external terminal

USB-C output to broadcast on real time the continuous flow of individuals on an external terminal.

Advanced body thermal measurement systems

système avancé de détection de température grâce à caméra IP et corps noir

We also install advanced thermal camera systems to more precisely measure body temperature of crowds. These systems are composed of high precision and rapid IP cameras installed along with black bodies to increase further the accuracy of the measurement. Contact us now to best qualify your actual needs.