CloudOps encompasses all the cloud services that we offer being it Cloud Migration, Cloud management, DevOps services. We also provide Cloud optimization services to help you get the maximum value out of your cloud infrastructure such as automatic provisionning and code re-factoring. 

Cloud Migration

We migrate your applications to the cloud. This migration will allow you to lower your infrastructure costs, increase your agility for the deployment of solutions and scale your infrastructure on demand . The cloud migration can consist of all, or parts of your existing infrastructure and can include Active Directory migration, Applications, Databases. We will target different cloud providers and cloud architectures depending on your needs and overall IT strategy  (AWS, Azure, Hybrid infrastructures etc.) Our services include :

  • Migrating applications to any Cloud provider

  • Refactoring applications to get cloud ready and efficient

  • Auditing your existing infrastructure

Cloud AD Management

​The migration of your Active Directory (AD) to the Cloud can bring several benefits starting with the management of your existing cloud infrastructure and easing the overall access management on the cloud. An additionnal advantage is that it will allow you to easily outsource your AD management activities and hence lower your AD operating costs. We can help you with the following:

  • Migrating your AD to the Cloud (Azure, AWS, etc.)

  • On demand operationnal tasks on your AD

  • Setting up SSO and advanced authentication methods for your business applications

Cloud Management

AND  Optimization

We assist you in the management and optimization of your existing cloud infrastructure by monitoring your cloud infrastucture and rewriting if necessary your existing applications  to harness the maximum of the cloud features and lower your TCO. Our services include:

  • Scripting Cloud provisioning, decommissioning and right scaling for the different cloud operations

  • Optimize applications to get the best value for money of the cloud by scripting

  • Manage subscriptions, certificates and credentials

  • Incident and problem management on the Cloud infrastructure

  • Provide monthly TCO reports


We support your organisation efforts in becoming a truly agile organisation by equipping it with the tools for continuous development and integration.  We help your teams to set up digital development and deployment pipelines that will help sustain your digital transformation efforts, streamline and automate your digital deliveries.  The DevOps tools will allow your teams to naturally engage into CD/CI (Continuous Development/ Continuous Integration) which are necessary to keep up with the change pace needed in your markets.