Digital Workplace

The digital workplace is a very broad concept which intends to leverage on the digital models such as the Cloud, SaaS, mobile devices in order to streamline processes, lower operational costs, empower the workforce and ease collaboration amongst the teams.

The imperatives for a successful digital workplace strategy are: 

- Ease and Flexibility (Work from Anywhere, Anytime)

- Increase Collaboration

- Mobility (BYOD/E)

- Self services

- Compliance

SaaS office suites

Office 365 (Microsoft) and G Suite (Google) are SaaS office suites which allow teams to have access everywhere to their traditional office tools (Emails, Cloud storage, Spreadsheet tools like Excel, Presentation tools such as Powerpoint and text editor). In addition of being accessible from anywhere, anytime users can collaborate from any device and easily co edit and share documents. Finally, the SaaS model will naturally bring more flexibility, cost efficiency and scalability to your operations. We assist you in your transition by offering:

  • Office365 or G Suite Migration project management

  • General configuration services

  • User account management

  • Operational support

Device Management

Device Management tools such as Intune (Microsoft), Airwatch (VmWare) or Scalefusion will help you manage safely your fleet of devices remotely and easily outsource its management to lower your operationnal costs. These platforms will also support your BYOD/E  (Bring Your Own Device / Equipment) strategy by embodying the different device management policies you need to enforce and monitor. We assist you by offering the following:

  • MDM/EMM installation or migration project management (Intune, Airwatch, Scalefusion)

  • Device management operations (Enrolment, device management, security settings, and any administration activities on the MDM/EMM)

  • Remote deployment/removal of applications on devices

  • Remote Admin support on devices (mobile and desktops)

  • Device provisioning and corporate configuration through Microsoft Autopilot (for desktops)

  • Incident and problem management of devices through the MDM/EMM

  • ...

Virtual Desktop

Virtual desktop or sometimes referred to as DaaS (Desktop as a Service) allows to instantly provision on-demand work environments ready to be used by your teams. This solution enables you to streamline your provisioning process and scale it as you go while only paying for what you actually use.

Also, the instantiated virtual desktops are accessible from any device, anytime and anywhere. We help you to shift your strategy towards VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) using Amazon Workspaces or Windows Virtual Desktops.