Product & platform managers

«The way is long from the project to the actual thing"» Molière

More than half of all IT projects fail for various reasons: deadlines not met, budgets far exceeded, unsatisfactory quality of deliverables. These reasons can go as far as a pure and simple abandonment of the project. This is why it is essential that your IT projects are piloted by experienced project managers (AMOA, MOE) who :

  • Set up the indicators for monitoring the project.

  • Monitor the day-to-day progress of the projects.

  • Improve communication between the various internal and external stakeholders to resolve bottlenecks.

  • Identify, postpone and mitigate the various risks and obstacles.

  • Monitor the respect of deadlines, quality of deliverables and project budget.

  • Act as a liaison and central point of contact for the different teams and individuals involved in the project.

The project manager is truly the conductor who knows the overall score of the project at his fingertips, as well as the contribution of each actor to the project for a coherent overall result and a successful project.

Indeed, the project manager knows exactly when each actor must recite his score as well as the expected quality of this contribution in order to maintain the overall harmony of the project.

Our experienced project managers know at any time how to balance the triptych of cost, deadlines and quality to deliver the solutions you need in the best conditions.

Whether in Agile/SCRUM, Waterfall, fixed price or time & materials, our project managers will guide you towards the best organizational, strategic and technical choices for your projects.

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