Ecommerce, StartUp & MVP Packs

These packs intend to trigger the development of your digital solutions and naturally embark you into an agile development process. The SME E-commerce pack is intended to help SMEs equip with the top notch online merchant sites and allow them to offer outstanding shopping experiences to their customers online by including 3D and AR to showcase their products. The StartUp pack is ideal for young and To-Be entrepreneurs who need to have a concrete support, at minimal cost, for their ideas to share with potential investors and/or users. The MVP pack goes a bit further by delivering a minimal viable product that can soon become the core of the comprehensive future solution.

Pack SME 


This particular offer intends to provide SMEs with an online merchant website and hence increase their revenues by marketing their products and services online. We will be using classic CMS platforms that have  built throughout the years an expertise in E-Commerce website building such as  WooCommerce/WordPress, Magento, Shopify, Drupal and others as needed. The goal is to deliver an elegant, bespoke and performing merchant website in order to enable new revenue stream through the web. Also, if needed, we will include 3D/AR technologies to upgrade the shopping experience of your customers to the next level and increase your conversions. This pack offer is capped at 5000 Euros and will put you online with a merchant site within a very short period of time (1 month in average)  (Offer subject to conditions).


This pack intends to equip you with concrete designs of your solution hence providing you with a realistic look & feel of your application and its most important workflows. This, will help you visualise your ideas and support you forward during the design thinking processes and next steps of your solution development. The STARTUP pack with a capped budget of 1500€ will help you to get a real sense of the user experience and set you right for the next stages of your solution developments. (Offer subject to conditions)


This MVP (Minimum Viable Product) pack concept will allow you to launch very concretely the development of a minimal set of features and hence embark you into the an iterative and agile development process for your solution. We ignite this journey by defining together the full breadth of features and functionnalities of your solution and we focus by defining the minimal set of features necessary for an MVP. The total cost of this pack is capped to 5000€, allowing you to have on your hands a viable and operationnal set of features without any budget worry (Offer subject to conditions)

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